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I've done a lot of research on ground travel this summer and spent the summer figuring out how to get the best things in Halifax at the best price. I hope this post helps to show that it is very possible to enjoy many of the many things that are done around Halifax. Here's what I revealed when I found out there are many great things about Halifax, as well as some great places to visit, and some good things for you to find out what they are.

Whatever your interests, plan to make a great route out of this list of activities in Halifax. If you want to see more of Nova Scotia on your next visit to Halifax, be sure to read my guide to the best destinations in the Halifax area. Here is a handy Halifax map showing some of the things you can do around Halifax that are explained in more detail in this article. And if your guide will help you plan some other things you will be doing in or near Halifax, please let me know in a comment below.

Check out Canada's travel guide to plan your next trip to Nova Scotia and other parts of the Great White North. And check out all my other travel guides for Canada and the rest of North America. Continue reading Halifax Travel Tips and read my travel tip for Nova Canada to make the most of your visit to the Great White South and North!

Halifax attractions and activities listed in this guide may be temporarily closed or restricted due to the global situation affecting travel this year. An increase in COVID (19 cases) could result in sudden travel restrictions if you decide to travel and may have an impact on your travel plans for the rest of the year or even the next few months.

If you want to do something in Halifax that is fun for the whole family and cost no money, there is nothing wrong with a walk along the water. There are also plenty of opportunities for budget travellers to visit Halifax Harbour on a budget. One of the best places to find cruises from New York and Boston to Nova Scotia is Cruise Atlantic Canada.

Halifax doesn't require a car and many of the best things to do in Halifax are just minutes away, but if you're travelling with your own car, parking is free. I suggest exploring Halifax on foot or renting a car if you're ready to explore the rest of Nova Scotia. If you don't have a car and prefer to put your legs up, I recommend starting your trip to Halifax with a bike tour through the city. It will be much easier for you to see Halifax without cars, and you don't need them.

If you want to be a little less touristy, you do not need a car, because you can visit different places more easily. If you're even a bit patriotic, then take the time to visit the Canadian War Memorial, which I think is one of the best ways to do that in Halifax.

If you are looking for Halifax, which is within walking distance of Halliburton, you are in luck, as it is right on the Halifax Waterfront and there is a ton to see and do. Peggy's Bay is not in the city of Halifax, but it is one of the best places to do so in Halifax, for those who are looking for more nature - in the city. Halifax is also a quiet place to rest after visiting all the attractions above, but it is still a great place to rest after a long day.

You can use Halifax to visit other parts of Nova Scotia, but you can also discover cheap flights to Halifax if you fly direct or if you want to travel to Canada on a budget. Flights are surprisingly affordable, especially in the eastern United States, and there are direct flights for just under $7 an hour, which is not all that bad when compared with other long-haul flights.

As Halifax is located directly on the sea front, you will find activities on the water and the coast that you will not find anywhere else. This means you have more time to enjoy the good weather in Halifax, and there are so many things to do in and around Halifax. Most activities outside Halifax take place either in the city itself or by the water or along the coast, such as Halifax Waterfront Park.

With cheap ferries and a cheap, decent harbour cruise, a boat trip in Halifax Harbour is a must for activities in Halifax. A more economical way to get around Halifax Port is to take a public ferry to Halifax and then a ferry back to the city.

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More About Halifax