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After five days exploring and experiencing Halifax's South Shore, Bay of Fundy, we've put together 30 things to do in Nova Scotia that are sure to be a great experience, especially in autumn. It is also the cheapest way to have great views of the city from the water, and we can see and do the best things we have done in Halifax.

We take the ferry to Dartmouth and visit one of the first major ports in the country for a walk through historic areas, including Halifax, Canada, where you will be enchanted by the historic buildings, historic houses and historic sites of Halifax. During the informative tour, you can visit Pier 21, where there is an immigration museum, to name just a few highlights.

The Halifax Public Gardens is located in the heart of Halifax and is one of the oldest Victorian gardens in North America. In this beautiful part of Nova Scotia, Halifax, happens to be the oldest public garden in the world and the oldest Victorian garden in North America.

It's just beautiful and if you're in good physical shape, there are plenty of things to do in Halifax that you can easily walk to. This part of Nova Scotia has many unique things to do outside of downtown Halifax. This is also possible in the city of Halifax, in the port of Halifax, on the waterfront of Halifax and in many other places in and around Halifax.

There are many family activities in Halifax and this is a fantastic place to take the children. Although Peggy's Bay is not technically in the city of Halifax, it's a great place for those looking for more nature - based. One of the most popular things I have done in Halifax and one of my favorite places in Nova Scotia is the Natural History Museum in Halifax. There are many great family-friendly things you and your family can do in and around Halifax.

If you love art like I do, one of the coolest things to do in Halifax is visit the Nova Scotia Art Gallery and Halifax Museum of Contemporary Art. One of my favorite things to do in and around Halifax, NovaScotia, is to visit the many galleries and museums in the city of Halifax as well as the Halifax Art Museum.

Take a look at some of my favourite places in Halifax, including shots of Lunenburg and Peggy's Bay. If you're tired of exploring Halifax, visit the Halifax Public Gardens and take a deep breath before planning where to go next. Read on to see the best family activities in Halifax and read on to find a list of the best family attractions in Halifax.

In the afternoon, head to Halifax Waterfront and enter the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This is the best attraction and the most interesting thing I have done in Halifax for some time. After visiting one of Halifax's top attractions, you can spend a few hours strolling around the city and visiting some of the best restaurants, shops and attractions.

Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market also houses the Canadian Museum of Immigration, located at Pier 21. Visit Halifax to visit some of the best restaurants, shops and attractions in the city, as well as the Maritime Museum and Halifax Waterfront Museum.

If you are spending more than a few days in Nova Scotia and want to explore the province more, consider a day trip outside of Halifax. If you are even a bit patriotic, you should take the time to visit the Canadian Immigration Museum, which I consider one of the best things to do in Halifax, as well as the Maritime Museum and Halifax Waterfront Museum. I recommend this tour at the beginning of your stay in Halifax because it is a great opportunity to get a feel for the most important things you can explore more deeply later on and do them again later on in your trip. So if you're looking for a nice, quiet, relaxing, low-key, easy-to-- in-town to Halifax (which is within walking distance of Halliburton), you might be in luck, as it's not just right on the water in Halifax, but there's plenty to see or do.

If you fancy a more active stay in Halifax, head to the top of the hill known as the Halifax Citadel for great views of the city skyline.

As is affectionately known in Canada, Halifax is the center of Atlantic Canada and the Maritime Islands and is the largest and easiest access from Halifax Harbor. Nova Scotia has several islands and small coves, but this does not mean that France colonized one of them first (Nova Scotia).

You could take the time to stop in each of these bays and communities and it would be amazing! There are many good things to do and places to visit in Halifax, but you will see where they are on the map at the end of this article. Just 40 kilometers from Halifax, this wildlife park is one of the best to be seen in Nova Scotia.

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