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In a city known for its seasonal-inspired dishes and casual eateries that don't intimidate customers with their local ingredients, Halifax offers some of the most delicious dishes on the East Coast. From Mediterranean-inspired restaurants serving far-flung European flavours to traditional pub restaurants taking simple fast food to a whole new level, here is a list of restaurants not to be missed in Halifax.

Given Nova Scotia's reputation as one of the most fish-friendly cities on the East Coast, it's no surprise that seafood is on the menus in Halifax (think lobster, crab, oysters, salmon, shrimp, and other seafood), but many serious Halifax friends will say that the squid dish is outstanding. Bar Kismet, I mentioned that I was talking about the best seafood in town, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of the quality of food. They also have some good lobsters, so they're known for their lobster (seriously, the meaty, juicy, tender lobster I've ever had is a good one). Five Fishermen is not only a great seafood restaurant (and perhaps the most historic restaurant in Halifax you can visit), but also known as the only - or - friendly restaurant in Halifax for its lobster.

You can buy everything from lobster, crab, oysters, salmon, shrimp and other seafood you can have. The Raw Bar is a beg for sustainable seafood from Hooked on Halifax, which is served seasonally with a wide selection of fresh, local, organic seafood, as well as local and organic produce.

Of course, we cannot publish every single picture of a single dish we have tasted in every Halifax restaurant, but we would be here all day if we did. Donat, forget to go to the bottom of this page and tell us your favorite restaurants in Halifax. We will be happy to answer all your questions on these topics and look forward to hearing from you!

Since we moved to the city in November, we have visited many restaurants in Halifax, but we still have a lot to see. We've certainly found some new favourites and can't wait to explore the culinary scene in Halifax.

In this food guide, here are some of the best restaurants in Halifax we # Ve had the pleasure of checking in in a certain order. We can't talk about the Halifax restaurant scene without mentioning Edna's, which was listed in EnRoute magazine as one of the "best new restaurants" in Canada in 2014.

The owner, Jenna Mooers, continues to be supported by the local clientele and the food is, simply put, delicious. After six years, EDNA's, Eat Drink Nourish, has still received attention for being one of the best restaurants, not only in Halifax, but in Canada - everywhere. Story of Fine Dining is located in the heart of downtown Halifax at the corner of Main Street and St. Lawrence Avenue. Lindsay "Eating in Town" lives in downtown Halifax and is dedicated to capturing the restaurant scene and engaging her fellow Haligonians in their food search.

The restaurant is called "The 2 Doors" because it is the only two-door restaurant in town, one on Main Street and the other on St. Lawrence Avenue.

The five-fish menu reads like a classic Nova Scotia fish dish, topped with scallops, clams, shrimp, clams and salmon, as well as wood grilled swordfish steaks, served with the restaurant's amazing sauce. The food is simple, local and creative, with a modern Canadian menu that regularly showcases salads with market vegetables. If you think seafood and chowders are one of the tastiest in Halifax, you know this is not the best reason to dine here. Opened in 2009, East Food and Drink is the first of its kind in Canada and offers "Asian fusion" with Cambodian cuisine on a large terrace in the west and north end of Halifax.

Donairs are undoubtedly a must - try them for anyone visiting Halifax, and Tony's Famous Donairs and Pizza is a top candidate for the best. King Donair in Halifax can be considered the originator of Donair, but it also has a reputation for serving the best donors in Vancouver. This unique Canadian favourite is so popular that it has even been named the official Halifax food.

Cheap pub prices are a popular dining option in Halifax, and you'll find a number of inexpensive pubs and bars near the city's universities.

Many hotels in this part of Halifax also have impressive restaurants and are always welcome. Many restaurants in Halifax are concentrated on Spring Garden Road, but many of the most popular restaurants around Halifax are within a short walk of Grande Parade. Multi-ethnic restaurants serve a wide range of different ethnic groups, many of which are located near Halifax city centre.

Although it is a walkable city, most restaurants in Halifax are a bit apart, so the food is very easy to get. This wonderful restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings in Halifax and is influenced by the history of seafaring in the city. If you visit this restaurant and go to other restaurants, stop and tell me how great this place is, definitely one of the best restaurants in Halifax, especially when they say Studio East. Although different from other popular restaurants in Halifax, it is probably the most unique and best restaurant in Halifax.

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