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Don't expect dazzling deals on your next dream home - residential property sales in Halifax are plummeting, and brokers in rural Nova Scotia are quickly readying to sell homes to buyers from places like Ontario and B.C. who snap up properties without seeing them in person. A Halifax-based removal firm says it is noticing more people moving away from the sea. There are no current housing statistics to show where home buyers are moving to, but one of the Halifax relocation companies says they have noticed an increase in the number of people from Ontario, Canada's second largest province.

Honsberger says people try to find a home with their agents, and sometimes they compete with five, ten, 20 others. The Halifax housing market is tight, which would translate into higher valuations, but houses are still selling relatively quickly. This means that Halifax house prices are likely to remain fairly stable over the next six months, "but slightly off. Snarby says some of his clients are selling $800,000 worth of homes in Ontario and buying properties in rural Nova Scotia for about $200,000, leaving a healthy amount in their retirement funds.

Separately, he does not expect much impact from the government's decision to cut overnight rates, which were introduced to combat the economic impact of the crisis. If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Halifax, speak to your estate agent today. By filtering by price and bedroom size, you can narrow down your apartment search to search by area, price, size of the house, property type, location and other factors.

The Halifax listing has been updated to bring you the latest housing listings from the Halifax Real Estate Board (HREB) and other local estate agencies.

The pandemic pushed 50 percent of buyers off the market, according to the activity in the sale of apartments recorded on the MLS (r) system and NSAR, which counted 1,428 units. That's a drop of nearly 50 percent from April 2019 and the lowest home sales in the city since 1995. Figures from Halifax show 804 new listings were put on the market in April this year - a 60 per cent drop on April 2019. The number of new home registrations in Nova Scotia dropped by more than 100,000 units in March 2019, or nearly half the total number in May last year.

This may just be a seasonal slip-up, or buyers may opt for more condos and single-family homes. Over the next few years, condos are expected to be the most popular choice for new home buyers in Nova Scotia, according to the Halifax Real Estate Board.

Soon, this will translate into lower prices for single-family homes in Nova Scotia, lowering the overall cost of buying a home in Canada. The average price of a new home in the Halifax property market would be significantly lower than the price of a new home bought by an immigrant.

Apart from that, Halifax doesn't have an entire war zone where you can see buildings and streets with crates. Most residents walk to work because their jobs are in downtown Halifax and there are not many expressways leading to the center.

With many people still unable to return to work at the end of this year, Halifax is looking at a legitimate adjustment to the market. We need time to find out which areas of the city have the highest demand for homes and the lowest supply of homes for sale. How quickly the inventory can be replaced will tell us a lot about the progress of the Halifax property market.

Use the Yellow Pages to find out more about Halifax's financial institutions, banks and credit unions. Royal LePage is one of the largest publicly traded companies in Nova Scotia and the second largest in the country. Since 1913, it has been a leading provider of financial services to the public and private sectors in Canada.

Halifax is a highly educated and progressive city, home to some of the best schools in the Halifax metro area, as well as a number of colleges and universities. The schools are among the best in all Halifax metro stations and make them very family friendly. There are always wildlife habitats to be seen in Halifax and Halifax is a great destination for hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking and fishing.

The combination of the East Coast charm of the city with extremely attractive property prices makes Halifax one of Canada's most affordable cities for property. Properties are not cheap when you consider that you can buy a 4BR lakeside home for $500k, but a 6 unit unit on Gaston Rd for under $450k is much cheaper than a 5 br house on St. John's Rd or a 2BR waterfront home, especially if it can be bought for over $300k. Get the best Halifax Real Estate Guide to start landing your dream home today.

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