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Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel welcomes pets of all sizes for an additional fee of CAD $60 per stay. Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites welcomes dogs and cats of any size and all other pets in the lobby area of the hotel, at no additional charge of CAD 50 per stay. The Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax welcomes pets of all sizes and any other dogs or cats in its lobby areas at no additional charge. Lord Nelson hotel & suites, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, welcomes all pet sizes at no extra cost for the first two days of a stay and for all subsequent days.

This pet-friendly hotel also features wonderful amenities such as a private pool, spa, fitness center, gym and spa facilities. Guests enjoy knowing that they have excellent amenities and will leave a lasting impression by hosting business meetings and receptions. Enjoy award-winning food and drink, as well as a wide range of entertainment options for your pet.

If you are traveling with your children and want to save money on shopping, dining and entertainment in Nova Scotia, these three hotels are excellent accommodations.

Delta Hotels and Marriott Halifax are also located in the city centre and are charming mid-range hotels. Guests looking for the best hotels at great prices should look no further than Sheraton Halifax Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you want a truly luxurious hotel experience, Sheraton Nova Halifax may not be your favorite choice. For less flamboyant hotels that still have great amenities and even better prices, we recommend a suit to the top.

This downtown hotel is also popular with business travelers, as it offers a variety of amenities including a fitness center, fitness center, spa and gym.

The only downside is that you have to turn on the air conditioning and a long hot shower can produce enough steam to trigger a fire alarm. There is no need to worry about reducing your guest list, as you do not have the luxury of having to do so twice. It was sunny outside and warm when I left the building, but I couldn't see anything, so I had no idea.

For an additional fee of CAD $25 per stay, the Prince George Hotel in Halifax allows pets of all sizes and the Four Points Halifax pet policy allows pets up to 50 lbs. For a great price you can get a discount for a longer stay and I would definitely recommend it. If your plans to return to Nova Scotia come together and you have fond memories, or just stress and misery, then you might want to stick to the four points before returning to Halifax.

Wedgewood Motel allows pets up to 50 lbs and an additional fee of CAD $25 per stay. The Four Points Halifax Pet Policy allows pets of all sizes.

Delta Barrington welcomes two pets of all sizes for an additional cost of CAD $35 per stay. The Chateau Bedford can accommodate up to two pets of 20 lbs and allows two pet sizes of 50 lbs or more and an extra charge of $10 per pet per day. Two pets of any size are accepted and accepted at no additional charge except for a CAD $25 per stay.

This one-bedroom apartment in Halifax can accommodate up to two pets of 20 lbs or more and a $10 per pet per day surcharge. Nightly parking is $19 per night and there are also overnight parking spaces in front of the hotel for $1.50 per hour.

Dogs and cats are welcome, but not allowed in rooms with harbour views. Pets are only allowed if a mobile phone number is provided at reception. Four-legged guests are not allowed to leave the room unattended, but they are not allowed to enter it in any of the rooms with harbour views. Dogs and cats are welcome, but dogs and cats are only allowed in the one-bedroom apartments at the Harbour View Hotel. Dogs and pets: Pets are not allowed to leave the rooms unattended, nor rooms or unattended.

If applicable, the fees are usually displayed on-site at the checkout under the "Owner's Fees" section. When making a reservation, please make sure that "pet (s)" is entered in the "Guest" field so that the pet fees can be included. Guests with pets cannot check in with their pets and must pay the cancellation fee. However, guests can call 877 - 788 - 876 - 5555 to check the availability of a pet-friendly room.

Contact the host, read the house rules, contact the owner or contact your host. Read the dog - friendly adverts for the Halifax Canada Sheraton Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Contact the owners and read the rules and regulations in the section "Dog - Friendly Hotel" on their website.

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