Halifax Canada Residence Inn

July 19, 2019 - Dartmouth, N.S. - Marriott International Inc. today announced the opening of the first dual-branding Courtyard Residence Inn in Canada and announced plans for a second dual-branding courtyard hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The first two Courthouse Residences Inn - with bedrooms and multi-purpose use - were opened today by Marriott Hotel Group Inc., a subsidiary of Marriott Group, Inc., in Dartmouth ("Dartmouth"), N., S. Dartmouth - July July 19, 2019 - Boston, Mass.-Marriott International Corp. and Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Ltd. today announced the opening of a two-story, two-story, two-brand Courtyard Residence, a two-story Courtyard Res Residence Inn, at the Dartmouth Convention Centre, Dartmouth.

Located in the heart of the Halifax Convention Centre, one of Canada's largest convention centers, the hotel offers guests access to over 1,400 businesses employing more than 18,000 people. Located in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, a major international trade and tourism hub for the region, it will offer guests a unique experience in a location near the Convention Center, home to approximately 2,500 exhibitors and the largest number of hotel rooms and suites in Canada. Centrally located near the Dartmouth Convention Center, Dartmouth, N.S., a major international convention center for the Halifax tourism and entertainment industry, this hotel is offered to guests by Marriott Hotel Group Inc. and Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Ltd., a subsidiary of Marriott Group, Inc., which employs more than 17,800 people at its hotels and resorts.

At the Halifax Residence Inn in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, street warriors and families alike can enjoy the best of both worlds. Amenities include a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness center, and access to a variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities. Both street fighters and families can enjoy comfort and convenience in their hotel room or suite at the Halifax.

With practical on-the-go offers, guests can ensure that they don't miss the most important meal of the day. Guests at the Halifax Residence Inn in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada can start their day with a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness center, and access to a variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities. With practical, in and out offers, guests can ensure that they do not miss the most important meals The day. Guests start their Start-ups Day in a hotel room or suite in the Atlantic City area.

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We look forward to exceeding our guests "expectations with our beautiful new hotel, but at this point everyone in Nova Scotia has a reason to visit. We pass this on to you because we want to exceed our guests "expectations with this beautiful, newer hotel. We pass this on here because everyone in Nova Nova Scotia had a "reason" to visit. We passed this on so we can look back on a beautiful newest hotel where we exceeded our guests "expectations with the new Halifax Residence Inn at the Halifax Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax, Canada. At that point we would have had "a reason" to visit them, so at that point they have a "reason" to visit. "

Booking.com will make no attempt to hide the fact that the property will be celebrated with a grand opening event on Saturday, July 1, 2017 at the Halifax Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The hotel is celebrating a "grand opening" and we are celebrating it with our guests and friends and family, as well as the entire Halifax community.

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