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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today announced the opening of the newly renovated 113-room Holiday Inn Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Today, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Inc. ("IHGs"), the world's leading hotel company and one of Canada's largest hotel operators, announced that it will open its first new hotel in Halifax in more than 30 years with a total capacity of 1,000 rooms.

Located in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada's second largest city, the InterContinental Hotels Group, Inc. "s portfolio of hotels, is the first new hotel in Halifax in over 30 years. The hotel is located at the intersection of Main Street and St. George Street, north of the city center.

IHG offers access to many of Halifax's most popular attractions, including the Halifax Museum of Art, Royal Nova Scotia Museum and Maritime Museum. You can also choose to be close to historic Halifax city centre to see some of the most exciting attractions. The uniquely shaped fort, which looks out over the skyline from an elevated hill, begins at the nearby Halifax Harbour, which offers spectacular views of downtown Halifax and its waterfront. A particularly important part of this port is Pier 21, which brought more than 1 million immigrants to Canada in the 19th century, not to mention countless museums, including the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Canada's oldest and largest museum of human rights.

Some notable sights include the Royal Museum of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, as well as the National Gallery of Canada. Travelers who want to shop should visit some of the most popular shops in the city center, such as the Old City Market, the Halifax Public Library or the Maritime Museum. A notable landmark is the British Empire Museum, a museum of human rights and cultural heritage, and a tourist attraction in Halifax. Tourists looking for a shop may like to visit it, but it is a popular shopping center with a number of restaurants, shops, cafes and other attractions.

Looking for a cheap, friendly hotel, such as a hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, or one of Canada's other major cities?

If you want to enjoy a bit of pomp, this hotel is for you: The Westin offers harbour views and free shuttles to and from the city centre. Close to major attractions such as the Atlantic Ocean, the Royal Nova Scotia Museum and the Canadian Natural History Museum, it is expected to become one of the most popular hotels in the Halifax area and other major Canadian cities. The hotel joins a long list of luxury hotels including Marriott, Hilton, Marriott International, Hyatt Regency and Marriott Marquis, but is best suited for those planning to spend a few dollars more than the average Halifax hotel, or even a few dollars less than the average for a night in a hotel with a private pool. The hotel is close to some major attractions including the Atlantic Ocean, the Royal Halifax National Park and a number of other attractions in and around downtown. With proximity to major amenities such as an international airport, museum, art gallery, restaurants, shops, bars and restaurants and more, you can expect the hotel to become a popular destination for people from all over the world, not just residents of Halifax.

Other schools have similar plans, with hotel options from Saint Mary's University ranging from $1,800 to $1,700 and Cape Breton University with hotel options ranging from $2,000 to $2,500. If you are traveling for business, stay at one of the hotels in the Halifax area, such as the Royal Nova Scotia Museum, the Canadian Natural History Museum or the University of Halifax. Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) is also a convenient option if you choose to fly, but another option is the vicinity of St. John's, Halifax International Airport.

If you want to be free to roam during your stay, why not try a car rental or hotel search? If you still need a hotel in Miami International, it is easy to find a good flight to Halifax from there, but avoid the peak times of the airport as fares fluctuate throughout the day. While you can usually find the cheapest fares at peak times, flights to and from Halifax - Miami - International are likely to be cheaper outside of the travel period.

With a lively culinary scene accentuated by fabulous bars and live music, Halifax offers a wonderful destination for romantic and family getaways. Each of our 200 rooms and suites is designed to provide a relaxing retreat after a day of exploring Halifax's attractions and attractions. While we are only minutes from the flight, those who stay away - northern terrain around Halifax - have their own advantages, including access to the world - the famous greenery of Halifax Harbor and the beautiful beaches of Nova Scotia.

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