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When it comes to honeymoons and romantic getaways, there seem to be only a handful of popular options. Airbnb rentals in Canada are the perfect little retreat for you and your loved ones, from chic townhouses to rustic country houses and even a small cottage. Amtrak Vacations offers an environmentally friendly, flexible and fun way to explore America. The Canmore Resort is part of a series of train trips that connect Canada's most popular tourist destinations in the US, including Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City.

The Homewood Suites Hilton Halifax Downtown is a great place to stay if you are looking for an on-site hotel with a fitness center. The journey to downtown Edmonton takes about 45 minutes and the journey takes 26.5 km, the total journey time 49 minutes. Getting to Halifax city centre should be easy enough as it is easy to get there and forget about it. The airport shuttle costs $18 each way and is only a 10 minute drive from Halifax International Airport.

Homewood Suites Hilton Halifax Downtown features a pool for hotel guests to use, a second-floor fitness center and a fitness center. We spoke with a front desk staff member and had a great experience talking to them about the amenities and conveniences of our Halifax, Canada hotel.

Moraine Lake Lodge offers a variety of rooms suitable for couples, while groups of friends and family should consider one of the luxurious single cabins. From the reviews we have received in the reviews, Brookside Inn is a beautiful bed and breakfast that has been recognized by TripAdvisor as the # 1 bed & breakfast in Halifax, Canada and # 2 in the country. There are two restaurants, a bar and a hair salon, as well as a full service restaurant with pool and fitness center.

This is one of the few Waterton hotels and lodges open daily, with a full service restaurant, bar and pool at Moraine Lake Lodge. The lodge is easily accessible from the Trans-Canada Highway and has a feeling of seclusion in the mountains, but it is only a few miles from Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. This certified 5-star lodging and retreat offers traditional Western log cabin-style accommodations on 4 acres on the Elbow River. Romantic and secluded, the lodge is A Canadian national monument and acts like five spectacular valleys right on your doorstep.

If you're a couple looking for a honeymoon off the beaten track and an unforgettable experience, consider Alberta's Banff National Park region. Then look no further than the beautiful mountains of Alberta, Canada, and you will find this place where the art of an Alberta vacation is perfected.

This is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the bustling city of Calgary for a few days in the mountains.

If you want to spend a weekend in a cottage with breathtaking views, Muskoka has it all. Whether a day trip to the beach or a week in the mountains, a long stay in the mountains offers you and your partner many opportunities to relax in nature and visit one of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains in the world. There are a variety of weekend recreation options available, including a relaxing beach holiday or even a long weekend at a resort. Even style location ideas for couples can keep things close to home, whether it's a holiday in a local seaside resort or an overnight stay at a campsite. You never have to hesitate when it comes to the little things that trigger the romantic moments you've always longed for.

A trip to sandals in Jamaica, Cancun or Hawaii can make for a great and memorable vacation, but for some reason Orbitz has a number of romantic hotels in northern Alberta that can add a certain sparkle to your vacation. A romantic dinner and overnight stay is one of your favorite places to spend your honeymoon, and your story will be as memorable as that of many others who recently went on honeymoon.

There are many places to visit in Canada, including the Canadian capital Calgary and the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton has something for everyone with its vibrant sports culture, beautiful architecture, good food and great entertainment. The romantic places in Canada range from the cosmopolitan city to the romantic resort of St. John's, home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. At the Winter Olympics in Sochi, you can even skate with any Canadian you surround yourself with.

Chateau Lake Louise is a top choice because it is a heavenly honeymoon getaway, if you are more of a snow angel than a sun worshiper, because you know you will be pampered throughout your stay. s Stoneridge Mountain Resort, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Alberta, Canada, has marketed itself through luxury suites. For more ideas, check out our list of Canada's best luxury honeymoon suites in Calgary and St. John's.

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