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The creativity that Halifax has to offer is spectacular on the water and we love to experience the culture of our community, whether you are from Eastern Canada or not. Here are some of the summer festivals you should not miss if you are coming from Eastern Canada. This summer, the world's largest annual indoor show brings excitement from the outside to the waterfront in Halifax. Representatives from all four Atlantic provinces will provide an overview of sport, tourism, events and activities, as well as an insight into the history, culture, heritage and tourist opportunities of the city.

The agenda includes an overview of the property market and its development from a leasing and investment perspective, as well as a discussion of the current state of the Halifax property market.

Breweries representing over 110 producers will gather to taste and discuss over 300 products. Enjoy beer - friendly food from local vendors paired with local craft beer, wine, spirits, food trucks and more! Enjoy all kinds of smoked and grilled ribs you can imagine, as well as beer and food from the local breweries.

Natal Day is celebrated with over 30 events along the waterfront, including the birth of a new baby and the first day of pregnancy in the city. Enjoy a variety of events throughout the month of July, culminating with the Pride Parade on July 23.

Although there is no admission to the festival, you should be careful to tip the performers so they can enjoy their unique talents. Events include various events that take place during the harvest season, such as the annual Halifax Harvest Festival and Halifax Farmers' Market. Join a group of experienced event experts who will outline individual strategies to maximize the potential of your event and achieve outstanding results. For more Halifax summer events, check out our News & Events page, which we will update with new events as information becomes available. Located on the waterfront of Halifax, the stage offers daily concerts, performances, food trucks and more throughout the summer.

Gardner with entrepreneurs and economic experts who have made the transition from start-ups to multinationals and from small businesses to large corporations.

Members will have the opportunity to present their products and gain access to exclusive offers. This is an annual meeting where the current directors present their reports and the election of board members is held for the shareholders of the organization and elections are held for board members. The annual meeting of the Canadian Council of Sports Organizations (COA) of the National Sports Organization (NSOs) is held every year as part of the COA event. The following national sports organizations and their explanatory statement will explain their decision to award this event to the ten most prestigious sporting events in Canada.

Family-friendly activities are held throughout the day, culminating in spectacular fireworks, best seen from the waterfront. There are activities for all ages, including children's activities, family-friendly games, food trucks, live music and more.

Eastern Canada (also known as Atlantic Canada) is known for its landscape, local charm and people. Eastern Canada offers a unique opportunity to showcase and celebrate our heritage while creating economic benefits for the region. The special feature of this musical festival is the presence of the Halifax Symphony Orchestra, one of Canada's oldest and most successful orchestras.

This festival features some of the best folk music from across Eastern Canada as well as local artists. There is a wide range of good new folk singers, including John Andersen, John Anderson Jr., John Russell and many others.

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the festival, much of which is taking place on the Halifax waterfront. Selected performances will also take place in Halifax, with the exciting 2016 show taking place at the Scotiabank Centre. It features inspiring performances by some of the best local and international artists from around the world, as well as international acts.

Join over 100,000 spectators on the waterfront of Halifax to see an incredible show of international artists and enjoy great live music from the East Coast. Enjoy a variety of food and craft stalls and share a drink or two with friends and family while enjoying some of the best local and international artists from around the world. Thousands of locals and visitors will enjoy concerts with musicians from Acadian, Cajun and Bluegrass, as well as an art exhibition celebrating the unique history and culture that has shaped our maritime region to this day. The crowds of showmen will enjoy a wide range of live music, art, food, crafts and entertainment presented by local artists and local musicians from Halifax, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and beyond.

The Charlottetown Festival runs from June to September and features live music, art, food, crafts, entertainment and a variety of food and craft stalls. You are invited to welcome local and international artists from Halifax, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and beyond to the festival.

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